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Does your power bill look like this?

Our team helps Las Vegas homeowners to Fire NV Energy. We have multiple energy programs that can be customized to benefit you.

No Money Down Solutions

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Learn How You Can Sell Power Back To The Grid.

This State approved program helps homeowners lock power rates in for years. TO: State approved programs help homeowners lock in power rates for years

Federal Government-Backed Programs.

Capitalize on the 30% Money Back Federal Government Programs.

What We Do For You

We researched all leading energy alternatives available for you in Las Vegas. All options will allow you to start our services with no money down

What Las Vegas Homeowners Say About Us

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 All consultations are ALWAYS free of charge. Once a company/program fits your power needs, you’ll be assigned a personal energy consultant to walk you through the entire process. This process ensures the best energy saving solutions that will help you to finally, FIRE NV ENERGY
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